Our easy-to-use clip on door stop makes your home more functional and safe. Now you can stop the patching, fixing, and that embarrassing hole in the wall with the purchase of our StoppClipp product today.

Key features

  • Clip on door stop
  • No fasteners - no tools needed
  • Patented design that just clips on to protect your wall from damage caused by the door knob
  • Clip anywhere on the bottom, top or opening side of the door
  • Doesn’t rub on door jams/frames so no obstruction when closing and opening door
  • Replaces fastened door stops
  • Spring door stops
  • Hinge door stops
  • For baby safety when installed on the top it may reduce the choking hazards present with standard door stops which attach to the bottom of the door and have loose rubber grommets. 
  • Another important baby safe function of the Stoppclipp is to flip the Stoppclipp over and simply install it on the top opening side of the door. This will prevent the door from closing and reduce the risk of children smashing their fingers and/or locking themselves in a room.

About Hexcarr Hex Carr Industries

HexCarr Industries, LLC located in South Houston, Texas created in 2013, is a products company for household items. Our household hardware products are simple yet effective and are carefully designed and patented to perform as intended.

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