Convenient Door Stops & Hurricane Window Clips

HexCarr Industries, LLC in South Houston, Texas, offers high-quality hardware products that make your home safer and more functional. A 90 day limited warranty comes with all our products.


Our clip-on door stop, STOPPCLIPP, is convenient and easy to use.

No fasteners or tools required. You simply clip it on your door to protect your wall from damage usually inflicted by the doorknob whenever it makes contact with the wall. You can squeeze or open the clip to adjust fit if necessary.

You can also place the clip on your doors at any desired location (Bottom, Top, or opening side)

It does not rub on the door jam or frame and is very durable. There is also no obstruction when opening or closing your door.

Replaces fastened door stops, spring door stops, hinge door stops, and reduces holes on your wall.

PLYLOX™ Hurricane Window Clips

We manufacture parts using our stamping presses that are sold at your local hardware store for several customers, including PLYLOX™ hurricane window clips. These clips help you safely board up your windows during major storms and are rated by NASA for Category 5 hurricanes.

If you would like to purchase this product, please visit PLYLOX™ at WWW.PLYLOX.COM